Travel Log – April 2013


Impossibly early start but we were soon at the airport and raring to go. The whole clan met up in the airport lounge and enjoyed breakfast. The time to the flight evaporated and we were soon on board and ready to head off to sunnier climes. The flight was uneventful and despite a slightly tiresome transfer we were soon at our hotel and as look would have it we bumped into Lisa and Craig as we arrived, Isaac was delighted and even more excited when we discovered that if we got rid of the cot he would have an entire double bed to himself. (The cot went!).

We explored the hotel and having found the important areas (diner and bar) we stumbled upon the indoor pool. Isaac thought that this was a very good idea and soon we were swimming up and down and slashing around.

Having had a great buffet tea we retired to our room where we all fell asleep. (in the end we got a full 12 hours for the first time in about 2 years).


Waking up feeling much refreshed we decided to head straight for breakfast. Isaac was delighted to find that not only did the buffet have yogurt and fruit, but also bran flakes and toast and croissants and many many other things!

So it was a very full little boy that set off on a walk to find auntie Lisa and Uncle Craig at the pub to watch the match. Turns out it was only a short walk and we were soon at the pub after a few stops in tourist shops on the way, and we only got lost once.

The match was watched and a beer was drunk and then we headed up to Lisa and Craig’s place for a dip in the pool. We were not prepared for the arctic conditions of the water. How there were no icebergs floating around was unfathomable as even Isaac only lasted five minutes before getting out in to a warm towel and a mummy snuggle.

We headed back to the hotel and after dinner we changed Isaac and once he was asleep we headed out to the bar for a couple of cocktails. As the bar got noisier we simply got takeout and headed back to the room. We popped Isaac in his bed (despite his size, he managed to take up most of the double bed) and got into bed with our cocktails, lovely end to a lovely day.


It was the Hen and Stag dos today and so we started with a hearty breakfast and then headed out for the walk up to Lisa and Craig’s place. We all met up and then set off our separate ways. The Chaps all got together and headed to a few Bars for some civilised beers. We got a few funny looks as in each bar we ordered 9 Beers and a small glass of milk. Isaac was pretty much the star of the show and spent the day playing football snacking and snoozing while the grown ups had a few beers and laughs.

The Ladies had headed into Albufeira for the hen do and spent the day chatting, eating and drinking a glass of wine or a cocktail or three.

After meeting back up we strolled back to the hotel for some dinner. After eating and getting Isaac to sleep we headed back out for a final cocktail with Isaac fast away in the buggy. We chatted over the day and enjoyed our cocktails then walked back to the hotel for a good nights sleep. Holidaying was turning out to be exhausting.


Much to our dismay Isaac woke early and decided that he wanted us to get up, by some minor miracle he accepted a daddy cuddle instead and fell back asleep all snuggled up. A hour and a half later we woke again much happier and ready to tackle the day. A big breakfast was order of the day as we planned to head out to the beach and then the pool. It was nice and sunny so we dosed up on sun cream and then headed down to the sand. We walked up and down and played in the sand and dug up shells and pebbles and did all of the things that it is fun to do when you have a beach to play on and lots of time to play on it. 

Once it was time for Isaac to snooze we took full advantage and walked back to the hotel via every touristy shop that there was and had a good nosey. We ate lunch and then headed out to Lisa and Craig’s for another dip in the pool and for the girls to have a spray tan. This time we were braver and stayed in the water until brain freeze set in.

Back at the hotel we were excited to discover that dinner was an oriental menu and included a great sushi selection. We also discovered the larger glasses which pleased us lots. Isaac ate his fill and then we took him back to the room to get him to sleep and then popped him in the buggy and popped the cover on to head back out for our own dinner and a few beers. The restaurant was great and after a lovely dinner we went back to the room for a final cocktail and to watch a movie on the ipod before falling asleep.


Today was the wedding run through. We knew we had to be on time and the day was well structured to ensure that there were no mess ups. Isaac obliged with an early wake up and then, after a breakfast suitable for the gravity of the situation we headed to the pool swim and a play. Isaac found the playground area and was delighted that it contained a large slide. After a lovely lunch Isaac helped himself to a long snooze and we took full advantage, grabbing a cocktail or three. Then it was time to head out for the practice.

We walked up with Janette and Arthur. Isaac insisted on walking most of the way with Granddad and walking on every low wall and bollard on the way. The run through went smoothly and it seemed that there would be no major problems or complications. Isaac even found a pond full of frogs to amuse him.

The plan for the evening was for everyone to meet up at Pinnochios bar for a few cocktails. We gave Isaac his tea and then once he was asleep headed out to meet the clans. We had a nice chatter and drink at Pinnochios and then had another nice late dinner as Isaac slept in a quiet corner.


Wedding Day!! We all met up in the morning after breakfast for a stroll and a beer. Then as time wore on everyone went their separate ways for preparations to begin in earnest.

Isaac’s job for the day (aside from being page boy) was to make sure that Daddy was dressed and ready on time. He got into the spirit of the occasion by having an extra long snooze and allowing Daddy to have a delicious Pizza and couple of cocktails for lunch and then woke up in perfect time to get into his suit.

Michelle was getting ready with Lisa and being the perfect bridesmaid, keeping the bride and mother of the bride calm and generally oiling the cogs.

With Isaac looking very smart and attracting lots of attention we took a cab to the wedding venue and got into position.

The wedding was beautiful and Lisa rightly stole the show looking stunning. Isaac did come second with a cameo doing a little dance on the stage during the signing of the register.

The reception and evening do were loads of fun with lots of dancing and laughter into the small hours.

Isaac slept through it like a trooper and as we walked back to the hotel we replayed the day and thought back to our own wedding. With those happy memories in our heads we snuggled up for the night.


Today was beach day, we made sure that we had a big breakfast and grabbed some bits and pieces for snacks. We grabbed a taxi to Albufeira beach. Isaac was particularly pleased as he got to ride in a big boy seat in a huge Mercedes.

Having found our way to the beach from the drop off point we pitched our beach shelter and got down to the serious business of having some fun. 

Isaac discovered that while the water was cold it was worth a paddle as the beach was full of huge seashells and and pebbles perfect for throwing into the water.

We were soon joined by the rest of the family and we all sat in the sun enjoying the simple pleasures of the beach and a very excited toddler. At nap time Isaac needed a little persuasion to have a kip in the shade and we all took the opportunity to have a meal and a few beers in the sun in Albufeira.

After a bimble about town it was time to head back to the hotel for tea. On the way Matthew treated Isaac to a Portugal cup that was carried through the town like a trophy.

After another ride in a taxi on a big boy seat Isaac was ready for dinner and we grabbed a light snack while he ate his buffet. Once Isaac was asleep and safely in his buggy we popped back to the restaurant for our last dinner of the holiday. We enjoyed our mean and chatted together about what we had done and seen and talked about how our little man had enjoyed his holiday and had made it all the more fun for us.

We reflected that whilst all inclusive holidays weren’t what we were used to, they were fantastic for our purposes with Isaac and meant that we could relax knowing that everything was on tap as and when needed.


Travelling home day. We had packed the day before and so all we had to do was get ourselves down for breakfast and get the suitcases over to the hotel reception.

Breakfast was dispatched in short order and a final walk around the hotel was the perfect way to while away the time until the bus arrived. At the airport we met up with the rest of the family and joined the queue. Isaac was thrilled that he could wander around and always find a friendly hand to hold. The airport was small but very efficient and led by our coordinator we soon found ourselves at the gate and ready to go.

We boarded the plane and Isaac decided that waiting for the food trolley was too second class, thankfully a very nice stewardess grabbed him a cheese and ham toastie which disappeared in double quick time and and as the plane took off he drifted off to sleep.

The flight was uneventful and quicker than we had expected and soon we were back in Manchester, our suitcases off the conveyor and we even found the car without a fuss. We drove home very happy, It had been a lovely family holiday, Lisa and Craig were now married, it had been a fantastic day for all the family and Isaac had been on another foreign holiday and had taken it in his stride and loved it.